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As part of its divestiture from bluebirdbio, 2seventybio needed to enable its own set of systems.  ServiceNow was one of the key systems being deployed.  The company desired to take as much advantage of the pre-existing software configurations as possible while making the appropriate functional adjustments as required by the business.  This all needed to be done in the context of a validated environment.


Osprey team members provided both implementation planning and configuration expertise that helped leadership understand the timelines and plan a successful rollout.  Osprey initiated the evaluation process by surveying users and documenting requirements so that the third-party vendor could implement the appropriate reconfiguration and workflow updates to support the business needs.  Osprey further defined the business requirements and oversaw the overall implementation project.  In addition, we were able to minimize third-party vendor involvement by taking some of the tasks in-house.

ServiceNow is the system of record for identifying​ GxP, SOX, or non-GxP application types.

        • 2seventybio now has its own instance of ServiceNow for managing incidents, catalog requests, and change requests
        • The incident and change management processes are documented in Veeva and are validated workflows in ServiceNow


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