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From research to commercial operations, we provide the services IT teams
need to successfully deliver on their commitments to the business.

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Project & Program Management

Leading complex projects and programs to ensure critical business function success.


Life Sciences companies need strong oversight, governance, and management to ensure the successful delivery of solutions across the product development and delivery life cycle. This is true whether or not the deployment is for a GxP system.

We define and implement processes that leverage our deep knowledge of industry best practices—in a common-sense manner based on your unique environment. We ensure communications are clear and relevant, change is controlled, issues and risks are managed, and quality is assured.


Program & Project Management

Portfolio Management

Project Coordination


Independent Verification & Validation (IVV)

PMO Advisory

Project Health Check


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Systems and Processes are subject to regulatory compliance and strict adherence to rules and regulations.


We understand the best ways to balance risk vs. delivering solutions quickly to meet the demands of your business.

Osprey Life Sciences offers a right-sized approach by leveraging appropriate technology, providing key personnel, and utilizing our extensive knowledge and framework to deliver solutions quickly and in a compliant manner.


Quality & Compliance Audits

Periodic Review

Computer System Validation (CSV) & Assurance (CSA)



Deviation & CAPA Management

IT Quality Managed Services

Validation Testing


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ESG for Life Sciences

ESG products and services that are built to meet the needs of Life Sciences Companies.


Our unique combination of deep Life Sciences experience & ESG expertise enables us to develop Life Sciences specific services and software that accelerate & simplify ESG for your organization.

Our ESG products and services are designed to provide pragmatic solutions that simplify ESG program development and reporting. They include strategic consulting, software, and ongoing ESG program operations all tailored to the life sciences industry.


QuickStart™ Services

ESGManager™ Software

Soul of ESG Insights

Program Rollout

EcoVadis Score Optimization

Managed Services

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Life Sciences organizations depend on software to support business processes.  We’ve delivered software for 25+ years.


Our experts understand the complexities of deploying a software solutions into the life sciences environment, and the regulatory requirements that go along with it. We consider this from the very beginning of every initiative rather than as an afterthough

When the situation calls for a truly custom solution there is no need to start from scratch. Our Jumpstart technology provides the building blocks that are the foundation of modern software, providing a unique accelerator while de-risking projects for our clients.


Integration & Data Transformation

Operations & Ongoing Support

Accelerated Custom Software


Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Software Architecture & Strategy

Salesforce Expertise



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